Top Beard Products Every Guy Should Have In His Grooming Kit

Beard trends have been here for a while now and every other guy wants to sport one because it’s the new cool. Sure it is, but no one wants to learn to do it properly. Growing a beard is easy but maintaining is one hell of a task. Maintaining a beard takes a lot of time, effort and patience. Simply put, it’s much more difficult than it appears.  

Grooming a beard requires a certain skill, various specialized products and a lot of patience. A lot of bearded guys out there grow their beard without maintaining it which can end up making the cool, not cool. We thought of helping you guys out and have got you beard products that will help in grooming the beard to perfection.

1. Beard Wash 

When To Use – Every alternate day to clean up the beard of any dirt. 

Price – Rs. 350/- for 100ml

Beard Wash


2. Beard Oil  

When To Use – For shine and medium hold. Also to style the beard on a daily basis.

Price – Rs. 400 for a set of 2 (35ml each)

 Beard Oil

3. Beard / Moustache Wax 


When To Use – For shine and maximum hold. Use it for special occasions and specific styling.

Price – Rs. 650/- for 50g 

Beard / Moustache Wax


4. Hair Serum 


When To Use – For shine, light hold and softening the beard. Use it to keep the beard shining for shorter durations. 

Price – Rs. 185/- for 100ml



5. Beard Comb 

When To Use – Helps in combing, styling and grooming the messy beard hair.

Price – Rs. 399/- 

 Beard Comb


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